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Sibylle von May was born in Berne (Switzerland) on the 11th of May 1963 where she did the one year Preparation Course of the Arts and Crafts School. Then she stayed one year in Munich (Germany) studying fashion graphics at the Meisterschule fuer Mode. Back to Switzerland again she learnt graphic design at the Arts and Crafts School, Berne during 4 years. After that she started to work as a graphic designer and illustrator in her own studio still in Berne. She worked also for the advertising agency “Fruitcake” in Muensingen, Bern as an illustrator. 1993 Sibylle von May left Switzerland to live in Madrid (Spain) where she studied painting with Pepe and Chony Barranco and in the Circulo de Bellas Artes.

Illustrations in the following two books:

1994 Szene Bern, ein illustrierter Beizen-und Kulturlokalführer, Benteliverlag, one illustration.
         This is a book about restaurants in Berne.

2017 Im Wechsel des Lebens -  Frausein um die 50, Herausgeberin Corinna Elena Marti, one illustration.
         This book is about women at the age of 50.


1999 Villa Mettlen, Muri, Switzerland
2000 Villa Mettlen, Muri, Switzerland
2001 Galerie Bürki, Ostermundigen, Switzerland
2011 UBS Madrid,Spain
2019 Parkcafé kleine Orangerie, Elfenau, Berne, Switzerland

Banks who own a painting of Sibylle von May:
UBS Berne (Switzerland), UBS Madrid (Spain), DC Bank Berne (Switzerland)

1994 Member Circulo de Bellas Artes Madrid

2021 Member Chelsea Arts Club London

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